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Gaea BIG project: Enkusero Sampu Primary School

The name of the School which Nigel supports is Enkusero Sampu Primary School in Enkusero Sampu Conservancy in Kajiado West in Ntashat Location of Oloshoibor Sub location, Kenya. The population of Enkusero Sampu Conservancy is approximately three thousand people. The land owners of this community committed ¾ of their land to conservation to form Enkusero Sampu Conservancy. Initially there were no people living here because there was no source of water. The people who live here mostly have some lands outside of the conservancy. Land fragmentation forced the current residents of Enkusero Sampu to come and settle here despite absence of water and so many livestock predators. Enkusero Sampu Primary school ground was then purchased by the parents so their children can attend school. Almost all the families here are pastoral and quite poor so it was a big challenge to run the school which is a dilapidated structure. Six or seven children use a wooden worn out desk; most floors are earth, there is some solar power, poor latrines and an unacceptable kitchen, even by Kenyan standard. The school is up to class seven now going to standard eight next year without government teachers and without any support. A government teacher doesn’t want to be posted in this school because there are no teacher housing and it is far from where they can get decent housing. When we started Enkusero Sampu Conservancy which Nigel supports, the school has received much support from a few friends in terms of food for the children. The food has had a great impact because it kept children at school and at least their health has improved. Nigel visited us last month and he was touched and he decided to help build the school to a standard where children can learn without problems. He has continued giving food to this school as we wait for further support in total construction. We want to build boarding as this way we can have also have teacher accommodation, host volunteers and small children must walk a long in the bush which is tiring and dangerous. It will also help parents to concentrates on other family responsibilities. Most parents look after their livestock so have no time for anything else to do to earn money to pay school fees or even buy food. During this 2017 early drought, Nigel also supported us with grass for our livestock and water for the school, livestock and wildlife. He pays for one wildlife ranger, we have two volunteering until we get a way to pay them Agricultural activities cannot sustain the community here because this is purely a wildlife ecosystem. Nigel is supporting among other things, on human wildlife conflict by compensating livestock killed by leopard’s lions and other predators, he is also providing predator proof lights in Bomas in the area. Water has been a big problem in this area but a rotary friend once came visiting and helped us pipe water from 4 kilometres and that is now the school is depending on. The pipe unfortunately became so small it is unable to provide enough water so the community will find the 1 -million shillings by selling animals to have a bore hole The school is the centre of the whole community and it is where we all meet to discuss issues. To succeed in our conservation, we need more support from people Nigel and others so that we can save this important ecosystem for at least another twenty or so years to give wildlife space after displacement from Nairobi national park and other nearer congested areas

- Paul Sadera Kilelu
Enkusero Sampu Conservancy

The existing kitchen that needs whole replace as a dinning whole complete with all cooking equipment. The existing one does not met any required standard from the Government: ministry of education.
The kitchen interior. Recommendation: complete replacement with a standard dining hall.
The above is teacher’s houses/quarters: This needs complete replacement with one bed room self-contain rooms with in built toilets.
The above are lower classrooms that need a complete replacement with new 3 NO. Standard class rooms of corrugated iron sheets HG. Inside the classrooms lack floor and storm water drainage runs inside the class room. Recommendation: Replacement.
Teachers bathrooms: Recommendation Complete replacement with in build bathroom on one bedroom house
The above is teacher’s houses/quarters: This needs complete replacement with one bed room self-contain rooms with in built toilets.
Propose site to construct the boys and girls dormitories: this will be new buildings on site as agreed by the community and school BOM.
Children waiting their turn to enter the shift class room
The existing classes which a structural made are incomplete and needs renovation, maintenance as well as painting in all classrooms which were not done.
School Layout on ground.
Proposed layout of the school as approved by the school BOM from the ministry of education.

Our Social Enterprise support includes education in Kenya and UK:


"If you educate a man, you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman, you educate a family"

In Kenya, Gaea funds the education of four children, all from desperately poor backgrounds, from the age of eight. We also placed Mary into Law school and as you read under Testimonials we are so happy to read she is on her way to being a lawyer. None of these had any future without this support. We also provided four computers to a school in Nairobi with 1200 pupils and no computers. This is scraping the surface: the need is huge as the education system is broken and it's only educated children who can grow up to change the country. We want to do much more, but we must win more clinical projects to have more funds.

We are actively converting the 10-acre (4 hectare) hill farm, which is the UK base for Gaea, to be a nature reserve and to then use that as an education centre. This involves the installation of roof -water collection tanks as despite the wet area with climate change its drying it out; the creation of largest wild life pond in the area on this 300-metre elevation, with swales to retain water; in late 2016 we will sow the seed of a 2-acre wild flower meadow. The creation of a forest garden - a permaculture based solution, is ongoing. We will add a green roof on a large barn, as it's a lot of fun to see the effect. Tree planting continues each season. We have solar tubes to partially heat water so it's also fun to see the temperature recorded and so to know it works. From all of this we will set up practical field education for local school children.


Hi Nigel, maybe you need some time to have lawyer: just commit the crime. Thanks so much, finally I made it. I know you are all smiles for your student, Mary.

You have continued to support this family and other children with education. Joseph was very happy with the solar chargeable lamp that will aid him and his siblings with their night study. Together with clothing and goodies! Thanks so much Nigel for giving them a candle of hope. You are awesomely ideal in their lives! Mary


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