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2013 / 2012

16th October 2012:

Why Heading to Russia can be Rewarding for Enrolment

According to the Cancer Therapy Evaluation Programme within the National Cancer Institute, approximately 3% of adult cancer patients participate in clinical trials. (English, 2010) It is a damming figure when we also see that in 114 identified trials, less than a third achieved their original recruitment target. (McDonald, 2006)

However, this picture is dramatically different with Russia. Patients in Russia have embraced the change to take to take part in clinical trials to enable them to receive healthcare. In 2011, the number of phase III trials in Russia increased from 232 to 327 studies, almost a 41% increase on the previous year. (Synergy Research Group, 2011)

Sponsors and CRO know that the market in the EU and NA is becoming saturated with clinical trials, and sponsors are increasingly moving to further away to India and China (for example), but for small/mid-sized biotech this can stretch the communication lines and raise the potential risk-benefit for such a move.

With the services that Gaea offers of very careful site selection and close management by a small, experienced team in Russia - we are confident that Russia can deliver for enrolment in oncology clinical trials.

Please visit to see the inspiration for our newsbite.

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Kramer A.E., (2012), 'Russians Eagerly Participate in Medical Experiments, Despite Risks', NY Times. [Available Online: ]. (Accessed 16-Oct-12)

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15th October 2012:

Gaea has received an update from Maasailand Preservation Trust Africa (MPT), updating us on the three children whose education is sponsored by Gaea. They come from struggling, subsistence farming families and so without this support the children would have had to leave school at 8 years old when free education ceases.

Seneyia, Solia and Daniel are making fantastic progress at school, and MPT Africa have praised Nigel's 'generous and kind spirit', in allowing the children to have an education which will afford them the opportunity to work themselves out of the extreme poverty of their villages.

MPT Africa has operated its conservation programme in Ambolseli-Tsavo for 20 years, and has a strong ethos in educating the communities who host the wildlife of the benefits of conservation.

"You have come into their lives, and left footprints on their hearts" - Samar Ntalamia, Mbirikani Group Ranch, MPT Africa

Please visit for further information how you can help.

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27th September 2012:

Welcome to the new, improved Gaea website! We hope you appreciate the changes that have been made, with the intent to make the website more user-friendly and comprehensive.

If you would like any further information on any of the mentioned services or conservation projects, please do not hesitate to contact us at or

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20th July 2012:

Gaea Announces Contract to Prepare Application for Orphan Drug Designation in Europe for Product in Sickle Cell Disease

Gaea has been contracted to prepare the orphan drug designation submission for a new product with potential in sickle cell disease. The application preparation and, if required, pre-submission meeting will be managed by Gaea’s contracted Regulatory Manager who has specific experience in orphan indications, alongside the sponsor company.

Sickle cell disease is an orphan indication with three common forms: Sickle cell anaemia (the most common), HbSC disease and HbS/ ß-thalassaemia. The disease is characterised by production of an abnormal type of haemoglobin (HbS) that precipitates in the red cells forming crystals that distort into a characteristic sickle shape when the blood is deprived of oxygen.

“To be involved in the application process for this new product is very exciting as we know that current approaches in patient management are only prophylaxis. There is only one treatment available in EU, Siklos®, that is registered for use against certain symptoms of the disease – so to be able to work to potentially improve this situation for these patients is an excellent opportunity for Gaea.” – Nigel Goodman, Director of Gaea.

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18th June 2012:

Baby Gaea
Ektor is the most recent addition to Gaea's conservation work in Amboseli, Kenya. He was born on 31st December 2011, a date known as his mother Enid was seen both the day before and after. We named him so that our funding goes to the cost of the Community Rangers.

He is a very robust, healthy and playful calf…much to the despair of his mother!

Please visit for further information on the EB family at Amboseli.

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7th April 2012:

Gaea is delighted to inform the team that we have adopted and named a female calf born in early 2012 from the GB family group at The Amboseli Trust, surprisingly we have chosen the name Gaea for our new addition.

Baby Gaea
Luckily we have managed to get some good photos of Gaea, an often difficult task as the calves tend to mix in with the other babies or hide behind their mothers. Here she is enjoying the sun and exploring…

Please visit for further information on the GB family at Amboseli.

Our funding goes to the cost of the Community Rangers.

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2nd April 2012:

Gaea is pleased to announce that they have successfully completed enrolment into stage 1 of their contracted phase III trial

Gaea took over European and Russian management of the phase III adaptive design study from October 2011 and successfully increased enrolment from an average of 0.8 patients enrolled per month, to 10.2 patients per month in a 6 month period, including the successful opening of sites across Europe and The Russian Federation. EU and Russian enrolment accounts for 78% of the total trial enrolment (53% EU and 25% Russian).

Thank you to all Gaea contractors and the sites who have worked tirelessly to make this achievement possible.

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