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Site Selection

From Gaea's extensive experience, we have a large database of thought leaders in each disease population to assist us with the selection of key sites in a new clinical trial.

Factors that we consider important in country selection include:

  • Prevalence data for the patient population in a country as one potential marker of patient availability
  • The suitability of healthcare in countries (e.g. standard of care, medical resources)
  • Examples from prior studies
  • Timelines for clinical trial regulatory approval
  • Usual site contract issues
  • Any issues with the Investigational Medicinal Product (e.g. an oncolytic virus and pharmacy concerns about using a virus)

Factors that we consider in site selection:

  • Identification of a 'National Co-ordinator', assessed activity in the disease area and prior clinical trial success in the population
  • National Co-ordinator recommendation of other national sites
  • A pre-tested, study-specific feasibility questionnaire sent with follow-up from the CRAs to ensure good-quality, reliable data including:

    • Availability of suitable patient population checked against their database or records
    • Anticipated rate of patient accrual
    • Resources
    • Inclusion of all other departments in the feasibility assessment (e.g. radiology, pharmacy)
    • Information on competing studies (in the population or for resources)
    • Ways to expedite contractual/budget negotiations

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