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Enkusero Primary School

This will be my biggest project and It's too much for me alone as it ranges from immediate food, through immediate desks and tables to rebuilding the whole school of the Enkusero Primary in Maasai land. You can see the NEEDS in the pictures below. I will need funding from other sources - if we do all its € 250,000 estimated, So now I donate for some urgent food, next we look at desks. The 250K gives boarding so children do not have to walk long in the bush, which is tiring and dangerous, new housing for teachers and volunteers and a new kitchen and new class rooms. We have committed parents and the school will be CENTRE of this rural community.

The existing kitchen that needs whole replace as a dinning whole complete with all cooking equipment. The existing one does not met any required standard from the Government: ministry of education.
The kitchen interior. Recommendation: complete replacement with a standard dining hall.
The above is teacher’s houses/quarters: This needs complete replacement with one bed room self-contain rooms with in built toilets.
The above are lower classrooms that need a complete replacement with new 3 NO. Standard class rooms of corrugated iron sheets HG. Inside the classrooms lack floor and storm water drainage runs inside the class room. Recommendation: Replacement.
Teachers bathrooms: Recommendation Complete replacement with in build bathroom on one bedroom house
The above is teacher’s houses/quarters: This needs complete replacement with one bed room self-contain rooms with in built toilets.
Propose site to construct the boys and girls dormitories: this will be new buildings on site as agreed by the community and school BOM.
Children waiting their turn to enter the shift class room
The existing classes which a structural made are incomplete and needs renovation, maintenance as well as painting in all classrooms which were not done.
School Layout on ground.
Proposed layout of the school as approved by the school BOM from the ministry of education.
Green Africa Kids Initiatives...

... is thankful for your food donation. The six men working on a water storage dam for our permaculture and sustainable conservation center are able to eat 2 meals a day for another week .Thank you! We want to save as much enough water to take care of the more than 170 trees we planted last year and crops. The children are also going to join us in learning permaculture and conservation. These are photos of today a few minutes ago. Thanks so much. We wish to encourage other people to join and support us. Thank you very much.

Permaculture is the way ahead especially in dry climates with poor soil

"Greenmade Group take this opportunity to thank Nigel for the continuos support to our group which is enabling us to extend our work to our nearby primary school. Through the guidance of Nigel we have started training these young students permaculture farming . Yesterday I had an evening class with them and today we have done practical activities by planting different vegetables at their gardens . We recruited 51 students for the training I hope all will be well if we join hands to support this young people to learn this skills so that when they go home they can still do it at home and the community will be having plenty of food. — in Lolgorien, Rift Valley, Kenya."

Greenmade Movement Group, Maasai Mara

We aim to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible under the ethos of  

  • Reduce: Just use less.
  • Reuse: We throw too much stuff out too soon.
  • Repair: Fix and mend things rather than replacing them ( tough to do but worth to try.)
  • Refill: What we can from bulk supply.
  • Rot: Compost what is left over, turning it into valuable nutrients for the land.
  • Refuse: Simply refuse to accept excess from the manufacturers.
  • Recycle... as the last.

Our operations are run from a 4-hectare hill farm in Macclesfield, Cheshire, UK, where the land had been denuded by years of subsistence sheep farming - our goal is to turn the land into a nature reserve by a steady process of planting trees and vegetation of provenance to the area.

In addition, to improve Gaea's sustainability we have taken the following steps:

  • Solar tubes are used to part heat water (these work even in the UK in reducing oil use)
  • Annual tree-planting to offset future air travel by planting trees, that are locally valuable to nature
  • Bulk purchase of eco-friendly products to reduce packaging
  • Equipment purchase from local suppliers, with goods made in Europe that (where possible) can be repaired in the area (very difficult!)
  • Recycled oak kitchen units with work surfaces made from remoulded vending coffee cups
  • Wax-based printer ink and recycled paper
  • Waste recycling

To bring nature back to Gaea, there is much activity on the land with the rebuilding of the local dry-stone boundary walls, planting of trees and hedge plants of local provenance, planting of wildflowers and no dig, and never any use of chemicals on the land.

Eggs are provided by our rescue battery hens, which now live out their natural lifespan as free-range chickens.

Vegetables are grown using a permaculture approach with our own compost.

Our next projects include: introducing an orchard a challenge on a hill at 300 m, an expanded market garden area, the construction of huge bio heated greenhouse, the creation of the largest wildlife pond in the local area at 300 m above sea level, providing a rescue home for llamas, and natural bee keeping (which means the bees keep the honey).

22th October 2015 - Conservation in Kenya

We "put our money where our mouth is” in support of conservation work in Kenya: this is an example.

Domestic animal grazing is out of control in Kenya and the land is being turned into a semi desert. As well as loss of habitat, there are disappointed tourists who don’t come to see goats, there is conflict with wild life – and the lion is always the loser in such conflict. Pastoralists also take their animals illegally into national parks as they are desperate to graze too many.

Conservancies, also with their own animals as well as wild life, have the opportunity to take management action.

We support Enkusero Sampu Conservancy in the Rift Valley

  • The Enkusero Conservancy needs to regenerate its plant life and restore its forests. In this case of Enkusero they allow grazing under a management plan and many neighbours have respected the plan. But two farmers have ignored the plan and moved animals onto the land which they over grazed and destroyed habitat that has important wildlife species. To end the argument, and make a statement, the Conservancy must fence on the farmers’ side and they are fencing a stretch of 1600 metres. Gaea is supporting 90% of the cost of Ksh. 387,914 (£2500)

21st December 2015 - Gasheri Gaitu wrote.. 

Santa passed by this family just before Christmas. I can’t thank you enough Nigel on behalf of this family. They just couldn’t believe the blessing you are to them that even after sponsoring their child you still remembered them for Christmas .You are a blessing Nigel one can real tell the difference between when you took in Joseph to a boarding school and now, he is more composed and healthy thank you for giving him a chance to a good education. The clothing and foodstuff you are just amazing and they are just as cute and innocent. It’s a deserving family and all I can say is you are the best for the love you show to the children.

22nd February 2017 - Paul Kilelu wrote.. 

Thank you Nigel G Goodman for supporting us realize our dream . We are almost there. The severe drought and lack of adequate grass and water for our cattle has created economic and social strife within our own community. Therefore to address this situation; we propose to consolidate our individual parcels of land as a community to make a conservation area which will create jobs for the local youth and at the same time protect biodiversity at this buffer zone of Nairobi National Park. We will consult with our community leadership on who will be employed in the conservation area and solicit assistance from Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) to provide expertise and equipment in Wildlife protection in conservation area. We envision having one eco-lodge, one resource center and one shop run by the local women group in the conservation area. The successful completion of this project would create an increase in economic stability for the community landowners, increase family stability, decrease dependency on food aid programs, and increase Maasai men and women members self esteem through a greater ability of self sufficiency . It will also create room habitable to wild life (endangered species).

23rd February 2017 - Paul Kilelu wrote.. 

Our daily activities during this time of drought have been tense in feeding our livestock and trying to protect the breeding stock for future; already very many livestock have died because of drought but all these this death of animals have some environmental advantage . When the rains come the carcasses will help the soil become fertile and makes new plants to grow so it helps to replenish the depleted environment . The remaining animals both livestock and wildlife will enjoy the surplus of both water and grass .Thank you Nigel G Goodman for supporting our animals and wildlife during this time of great need by donating towards grass and water

From Paul Kilelu, Conservancy Director:

As in Enkusero it is different: the land which you will come to see is owned by Maasai families. They settled here and were given land parcels ranging from 50 to 400 acres. All the people who were given land on hill and hillside sold to the Conservancy. So that is the place we have identified as a main conservation area. Down the hill the families that live here are Maasai with not many animals.

The people to whom were giving hay were people with very many animals so we were trying to control them from moving in the main Conservancy area. We succeeded because of your generous support. I am proud that up the hill and on the cliff our threatened mountain reedbuck are still with a lot of food to eat. I have told the Maasai families who are members of the Conservancy to harness conservation because they have already seen a lot of benefits, from livestock compensation that you have provided, to school feeding boma lighting, grass donation, water and every day monitoring of their livestock for diseases and better cattle breeds: a lady donated a breed bull for the conservancy to upgrade the farmers’ members breeds so that they can reduce the number of livestock each has by having higher value. To me it is going good. We don’t have enough money to do all we want but we are happy for what we are receiving from you.

I have asked KWS to sponsor an exposure tour for my Conservancy members so that they can buy this good conservation idea. I have helped the community so much that they now keen to hear what I say. The school feeding programme had made a very big impact.

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